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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2010|10:33 pm]
Chelsea Rice
[song: |I Against I- Massive Attack feat. Mos Def]

Well livejournalers... I was forced to change my email address because of an identity theft situation stemming from my ebay account being compromised, which led to the compromisation (?) of my email and credit cards! Shitty. Anyway, it has all worked out at least kind of okay, just cancelled my cards and got new ones and closed my ebay account and changed a lot of passwords. I also am changing my email because I just don't feel comfortable with it anymore. Maybe I am overreacting, but its kind of a fucked up feeling knowing that your information is just out there like that. My new email is: chelseadarlenerice@gmail.com

I have pretty much been working, which sucks, and finishing up with my associates, finally. I have 2 classes left to graduate so I am just taking one at a time since I have the rest of the year. Probably going to go to Portland State in the fall, getting a human resources degree.

I've been reading more and started a bookshelf project, where I am going to paint some birch trees on the side. Winter kind of makes me feel like a hermit and truthfully I haven't been going out much since school started up again. I did have a pretty killer winter break though. I also think I am going to ask about volunteering at the library the next time I go in to return books. I have a lot of free time and few friends since i work in the morning 5 days per week and only have class 1 day a week. That's 4 afternoon/evenings and 2 full days per week of free time.

Sam and I are coming up on 4 years in a month or so, which is kind of crazy. I very vividly remember my life before him, yet we have spent the last four years together. It kind of just makes me think about getting older, if I am using my time well enough. I seem to have this weird feeling that I want to get all of these life experiences, but that I don't think one life is quite enough time. I need a fountain of youth.

This is a super disjointed post. But it kind of sums up whats goin' on. Drop me an email if y0ou want me to add you to my address book (I mean you Ryon and Corinne....and everyone else too, even though I don't know there is anyone else reading this.)
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